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Our Approach

We focus on the following:

  1. What is in the bid documents
  2. What must happen to make those documents work and systems function
  3. How do we plan the work with others and the schedule
  4. How do we control cost, be efficient and safe in our installation
  5. Pride in our efforts

Today’s drawings and specifications typically are diagrammatical in content (They tell you that in the first section of the Specifications). They indicate the goal, but the detail is directed toward meeting local codes, “can” specifications or specific Owner needs. We must interpret the intent, search for clues in other sections and specifications, merge the concept into a constructible, code-compliant, owner envisioned finial product all within a competitive bid price delivery package and without being a part of the design process.

We approach the project as a team and work to “simplify the complexities of the project.

Working together to understand what is needed for the installation and operation of the facility or system is a priority. Coordinating with HVAC, Plumbing, Sprinklers, Fire Alarm/Security / Communications, Specialty Systems, Ceiling/Drywall/Painting, Hardware and furniture subcontractors to piece together what we must work with and find the most economical installation possible is one of our goals outlined above. Fortunately, we have worked with many local subcontractors in our area, over the decades of being in business in Nashville and have relationships with them that allow open communication, and coordination.

In our approach to projects, the Project Manager, Superintendent, Vendors and the Owner work together as a TEAM. Our goal is to construct a facility or a system to function and perform as intended. We work to provide the best installations possible and focus our extensive resources and years of experience to complete the task at hand. Much work goes into planning and coordinating our efforts. Creating our means and method to each system from power distribution to lighting controls and everything in between. We work to include all the trades that we will interact with to provide service and usability for the Owner.

We operate using Project Management software to create and coordinate all needed project installation information and close out Operation and Maintenance documentation. This will include Drawings, RFI, Submittals, Product Delivery Schedules, Project Schedules, Photographs, Safety Information/Reports and Daily Reports and Meeting Minutes. This gives our Company a platform to work within and provides a process to solve the everyday job coordination issues.