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Our Approach

We approach all projects as a team.

We work to “Simplify the Complexities” of the project into manageable phases. Working together, we
strive to understand the end result wanted by our clients; working with the project team, we track what
it will take to get there, creating necessary phases and schedules to make the project flow. We identify
significant milestones and work on the details to find the best solutions to complete the task.
Today we face new challenges with supply chain issues and skilled labor.

Supply Chain issues require extreme upfront coordination. The idea is to work the materials and
equipment into manageable, buildable components. Manufacturers’ raw material supplies and
production schedules dictate the production process, so we work to manage what the specification can
provide and match what the manufacturers are making. The result is the best available outcome and

Skilled Labor has always been a priority for our company. We have participated in several
Apprenticeship programs over the decades. Currently, we are working with local High Schools and
offering paid school opportunities with 4-year certified training organizations like the Associated
Builders and Contractors (ABC) and private companies to provide a full, well-balanced education and
experience building education.

Internally we are training our employees to be the best electricians they can be. Offering future
opportunities to be Foremen, Superintendents, and Project Managers. We work to build from within our
organization but offer opportunities to all who wish to participate. We provide Safety Training and OSHA
Certifications with our own internal certified safety trainer. He works to provide the best Safety
environment possible.

Our operations are based on the most practical and cost-effective digital implementation efforts
. Using project management software by Sage and Autodesk, we provide complete project
information at the fingertips of all our employees. We link our vendors and manufacturers to the
projects via this method and provide a balanced environment for communication and information. These are combined into a complete historical database and “As-Built” documentation for our clients.

Our goal is to become an operational partner with our clients and serve them for their electrical needs
into the future.