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Opryland Hotel and Convention Center

Nashville, Tennessee


Phase I


The original hotel was built in 1977. It consisted of 400 guest rooms, a 19,000 sq’ Ballroom, Exhibit Hall, 3 Restaurants, 4 Retail Shops, 9 Meeting Rooms. Specialty Lighting fixtures, Lighting Control, Dimming, Fire Alarm System, Emergency Evac System and a Sound System was included. The Hotel has had three major expansions:                                             

  1. 1983      Phase II
  2. 1986      Phase III
  3. 1991      Phase IV


Phase II

Room expansion included a 2 acre Victorian garden under a glass roof structure, additional Restaurants, Retail Shops, Meeting Rooms, Exhibit Hall expansion and required a remote Powerhouse.  A new 25kV underground Power Distribution System.    

Contract:                                               $8,000,000.00

Number of Rooms:                              600

Ballroom:                                               29,000 sq. ft.


Phase III

Room expansion included a new 2 ½ acre Water Garden under a glass roof structure, additional Restaurants, Retail Shops, Meeting Rooms, Exhibit Hall expansion  and required an expansion to the remote powerhouse. Expansion of the 25kV Power Distribution System.

Contract:                                               $12,000,000.00

Number of Rooms:                              800

Ballroom:                                               19,000 sq. ft.

Phase IV

 Room expansion included a new 4 ½ acre Garden and River area under a glass roof structure. This area contained Restaurants, Meeting Space, Exhibit Hall space expansion, Food Courts, and Retail Shops.

This expansion also required a new Remote Laundry Facility, powerhouse expansion and a remote Cook-chill Facility and Remote Maintenance Buildings. Expansion of the 25kV Power Distribution.

Contract:                                               $24,000,000.00  

Number of Rooms:                              1000

Ballroom:                                               55,000 sq. ft.


Over the years many different renovations have taken place. Below are the more major projects. 

Room Renovations

All 2800 rooms have been renovated with new power and lighting. These projects were done in short time frames while the rooms were removed from service on floor by floor basis. On average, 15 rooms were completed and put back on line each day including replacement of the furniture.

Contract:                                $4,550,000.00


Pool and Spa Additions

The project consisted of adding a new Spa over the existing Cascades Entrance Port a Cohere. This included treatment rooms and a new indoor Pool with under water sound systems. The power service was expanded from the existing 25kV service approximately 600 feet away in the existing parking lot.

Contract:                                $820,000.00


Fuse Nightclub

 This project removed an existing original restaurant and kitchen and converted it into a high-end New York style Night Club. The kitchen area remained on line during the project to service the Ballrooms and Meeting Rooms. The project consisted of custom Light Columns made the match to the finishes and included LED Dimming Controls for Interactive Lighting Sequences with the Music. The Bar Area included LED lighting Systems as well as Lighting systems in the Vodka freezers. LED lighting was installed in the custom coves above the Seating Area.

 Contract:                                $2,476,000.00